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DCO Fake Conversions?

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I have many Display campaigns that after enable  DCO "Aggressive targeting", it start bidding on placements that brings fake conversions. 


The situation is this. I already have more than 300 conversions under CPA bidding on Display. I already know how much to pay for each conversions and also I know the average conversion rate around 7%. So, I have lots of GOOD placements sending quality traffic and conversions.


After enable DCO "Aggressive targeting", the are LOTS of placements that ARE NOT RELATED with my site that start sending traffic and ALSO making conversions with HIGH rate around 60% or 70%, when my historic and GOOD conversion is 7%. Of course, the COST for every conversion is very low, but I know that are FAKE clicks from fake sites using adsence.


A conversion in my site is to make click and arrives to other page asking for request more information. So, is NOT completing a form o buying something.


In most of this kind of "fake placements", that CTR is 400% better than my historical performance without using  DCO "Aggressive targeting", and ALSO the CONVERSION rate is 60% to 70% comparing the 7% I used to have.


So, tones of conversions start appearing but none of them apply from more information completing the form.


Of course one solution is to move the pixel after completing the form, but I dont think this should be the solution knowing that we are using adwords and NOT others fake networks.


Also, other solution is to exclude those "fake placements", but every day appears more and more. All of them are very similars, not related content, high CTR, high CR, etc. Also, many of them have unrealistic CR like 120%


Is there any explanation of this? how to avoid fake placements? I know that sometimes adwords refund fraud clicks, but is to late because all my tracking information is contaminated it. 


Thanks in advance.









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Re: DCO Fake Conversions?

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The permanent solutions is to specify your targets, I will suggest you to create parallel campaigns by specifying each campaigns a specific targets e.g. create a campaigns for specific locations and affinity and in-market audiences. Same you can use for topics and contextual targeting.
You can excludes as per topics, placements & demographics instead of placements only.


Re: DCO Fake Conversions?

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Hi Isadora,

""of course one solution is to move the pixel after completing the form..."
Yup, do that. That's much more logical.

"...other solution is to exclude those "fake placements" ... "
Seems, you will not be able to manage that manually. In your case, I would opt out of aggressive marketing, seems, it's not particularly advisable for you.

"...we are using adwords and NOT others fake networks..."
Please, don't pretend to be naive. You got any idea how many people out there are trying to game the system? You are also responsible for your own decisions therefore do not try to blame it on Google. AdWords provides you with online tools, but it's up to you how you use them. If a feature does not work for you, stop using it.

"...sometimes adwords refund fraud..."
That's true and detection is pretty sophisticated. I fell victim to fraud around May 2014 and got refunded in Sep or Oct that year. (about $700)