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Cost Per Converted Clicks High

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Hi All,


I have set up a Target CPA for all of my campaigns. However, for some campaigns the Average CPC is very high and also the Cost/Converted Click too.


Can anyone suggest any best practises so that the cost can be reduced without affecting the website traffic.


Also, for some Keywords, i dont see any impressions at all, though I have used targeted Broad match Modifier Keywords.


Please suggest.





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Re: Cost Per Converted Clicks High

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Hi Sheema,

I assume you are talking of flexible bid strategies > Target CPA?

I would highly recommend against this. You are essentially asking google to try and achieve a traget CPA for you without any information. At this point google is, for lack of a better word, guessing at which impressions would be better for you. I would switch to manual CPC until you have enough account history with regards to conversions before using this type of flexible strategy.

Learn more about bid strategies here:

hope this helps

Re: Cost Per Converted Clicks High

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CPC and CPA bidding are two different methods to go with.


Are you saying that your CPC enabled campaigns have low conversions?


What type of keywords matching are you using? If you are using most of the Broad modifiers, then I would suggest you to go for some more specific keyword matching options like Phrase and Exact match types and see how's the traffic quality coming in.


Also, try to identify keywords with high cost and low or no value in terms of your ROI. You should try to pause them immediately in order to reduce the costs overall.


Also to get more success for your CPA campaign, I would recommend reading this help center reference:


Here are some essential tips for improving results on AdWords: