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Conversion Tracking Dynamic URL

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Hi there,


Is there a way to setup AdWords conversion tracking on a conversion page that generates dynamic URL's?


For example, one final goal page looks this:




the other could look like this: (depending on the product chosen)




Is there a way to track both url's as a conversion in AdWords?

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Re: Conversion Tracking Dynamic URL

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Yes, conversion tracking can be installed on dynamic web pages like yours. You will have a common thank you page and you need to install the code there.

If that is tough for you then you can do the same on analytics too and you can import the adwords conversion right back to adwords interface. Let me know if you have any queries.

Re: Conversion Tracking Dynamic URL

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Please read the following guide :


after clicking on the expanding section "Track transaction-specific values"


The easiest way to track a conversion in this case is to have a next step, called "thank you page" after the conversion this way this step is common to all sales and can be tracked.

Re: Conversion Tracking Dynamic URL

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Hi Ciaran W,

If I may, using Analytics Goals for conversions on an eCommerce site is really not sufficient for tracking. But, first, I will answer your question.

The easiest way to set up this goal, from the examples you've given, is with head match. The Goal page would be: shop/checkout/?order-id=. This will track the number of sales, but not the value. With this type of setup, all transactions carry the same value. That is rarely true on an eCommerce site.

A better way to track on an eCommerce site is to import eCommerce transactions as conversions. Your shopping cart might include the option for eCommerce transactions. That would make this pretty simple and would give you much better data for total revenue or ROI.

The third option is to install the AdWords conversion code on the final page, and to have your shopping cart software fill in the value of the sale. This, too, is fairly easy to do, although you may need to do a little research into your shopping cart to find out exactly how to do this.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Conversion Tracking Dynamic URL

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Yes an excellent addition because he needs to track values also.


Regarding this "The easiest way to set up this goal, from the examples you've given, is with head match. The Goal page would be: shop/checkout/?order-id="


Since I have never setup a tracking for an e-commerce situation, but I know that goal sets are only 5 and they all contain only 5 goals. How can se track multiple products if he can only setup 25 goals to track ? Is this solution supposed to track all products with a single goal setup ?


Also I can see here that the Goal Sets is a retiring feature , I wonder if this means that we can define much more goals :