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Conversion Setup

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I have to setup conversions for website offering loan service. And the sequence of steps in which a conversion completes are:


Landing Page => First Form => Second Form => Thank You Page.


Now I want to track

i.) Landing Page => First Form   these two steps as one conversion.

ii.) Landing Page => First Form => Second Form   these two steps as second conversion.

iii.) Landing Page => First Form => Second Form => Thank You Page.  as final conversion.


My question is:

i.) Do i need to add three conversions each having unique code and place that code on the corresponding finish page?

ii.) How do i track all three differently in Adwords reports?





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Re: Conversion Setup

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Hi Mary,


As per my understanding, what you can do is that you can create different action names and insert those on the respective pages which you want to track as Conversions in your account.


For example: when the user lands on the page, fills the form and reaches second form, you can insert the code there and similarly, when then user fills up the second form and reaches final thank you page, you can insert the code with a different action name at that place.


After doing this, when conversions will start accumulating, you can check the segregated data under Tools>> Conversions and see which action name has been converted higher and which one lower. You can find details on setting up conversion tracking here:


I hope this helps!


Re: Conversion Setup

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Hi Mary,

In short, yes you would have to create three different conversions and place the code where you would like that conversion to track/fire.

But now the crux of the matter.... Why do you want to do this? This will create all kinds of complications... the first being a necessary data clean up every reporting period. This would be because a final conversion will fire both first and second conversions in your example.

I am assuming that you want to know how many people get to each step. But there are much cleaner and easier ways to do this without confusing conversions, and the value of the different conversions.

A simple choice would be to add the remarketing tag to every page and generate Audiences. You could then set up rules such as your 'conversion one audience' would be visit page one but not, and your conversion 2 audience would be visit page 2 but not 3. And then the final thanks you page will be an actual conversion.

This way you are able to use those audiences for certain targeting campaigns and different advertising, as well as control of how often, when and where you target them.

This would also clean up your reporting in that your reported conversions will be actual conversions.

You could also use analytics, and that way if you want to see how many people got to each step during your specified time period you can easily do this as well. Probably easiest to do this through funnels.

I would use a both, so that you are able to anticipate any future needs and build targeted step specific campaigns.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Hope this helps!