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Confusion regarding the "location" of my campaign.

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I have setup a new campaign and, in Settings / Locations, limited the countries to those in Europe.


However, when I look at Analytics (which is linked to AdWords) I see that I have clicks from places like Pakistan, South Africa, India, Lesotho and suchlike.


Why am I getting clicks from these locations even though the ad should not be running on their version of Google?





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Re: Confusion regarding the "location" of my campaign.

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When you set up Location Settings you can choose Advanced location targeting options. By default, "People in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location" option is setted. This option means that your ads will be shown people who are likely to be physically located in your targeted areas, as well as those who show interest in your targeted geographic areas (including surrounding areas) such as by including the name of the location in a search, viewing content related to the location (pages or sites), or selecting the location in their Google search settings.

If you want to show your ads only for people who is considered to be physically located within the area that you've targeted you have to choose "People in your targeted location"

More info:

Hope this help

Re: Confusion regarding the "location" of my campaign.

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Hi Matthew,

I agree with Nadin here, you need to change your advanced targeting setting to: 'People in my Targeted Location' for your campaign.

Other than this, I would also recommend adding all the irrelevant countries (to you and your campaign) as negatives to all campaigns and where ever applicable. This is just a double measure to ensure that none of your ads show up to users outside your targeted location.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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