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In my Keyword Planner I am having column named "Competition" and "Suggested bid", what is the use of it and how ICompetition.png get benefited from it?  Then Impr.share/In Account/ In.plan are being ideal explain me that also?

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Re: Competition

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Hi there,


The competition column suggests how competitive a keyword is, in terms of the market and other advertisers. This is usually seen as low, medium or high in the keyword planner. It could be that the values are translated to numbers while downloading to excel.


Impression Share is the number of times your ad could get an impression (show on Google) for a particular keyword. Keyword planner gives an estimate based on your inputs like location, keywords, etc.


In account shows 'Yes' if the keyword is already in your account and 'In Plan' shows 'Yes' if the keyword is added to the plan. It shows 'No' in this case, as it doesn't exist in either of the places. More info on keyword planner estimates here.



Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Competition

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Like @Sumanth Sridhar mentioned, the "competition" column expresses the overall popularity of queries regarding particular keywords.


I have my two cents to put here: the maximum number in the downloaded report is 1, so the closer this number is to 1, the more popular (and often the more expensive) the keyword is. This information can help you while making up your mind what campaign strategy to choose.

As for "suggested bid", it gives some hints regarding what bid you should set if you add the keyword to your account.

The "Impression Share" tells you what percentage of impressions for the keyword you could expect out of all available impressions (this relates to constraint daily budget, ad rank, etc.). As you see, in your downloaded report this column is empty. This is because you probably haven't entered your planned daily budget in AdWords interface yet. More info about impression share metrics - here


Hope this helps!

Milda Prušinskaitė


Re: Competition

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Hi @Smart Science I,


I agree with @mildaster here...

The competition column is basically to tell you how aggressively other people are bidding on that term. Combine this with the CPC and you know if this keyword is going to be worth the investment or not.

Sometimes, you may simply need to test these keywords out to understand their performance. Please use the keyword planner only as a guideline... 


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