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Competing Against Myself

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Hi guys,


I know when you use exact match, your ads should only be triggered for searches that match exactly what your keyword is, including word order.  But I just wanted to confirm this with you as I know Google made some changes earlier this year based on a searcher's intent - very slight variants may now trigger exact match keyword ads.


So, I have, for example, one adgroup with the following exact match keywords in them:


[motorcycle clothing sale]

[motorcycle clothing sale uk]

[motorcycle clothing uk sale]


I am using these keywords after analysing what users have actually been searching for and these 3 phrases all came up.  But will they be competing with each other in this one adgroup (this adgroup is based on discounted motorcycle clothing).


Then I have another adgroup (based on full priced motorcycle clothing) with the following keyword:


[motorcycle clothing for sale uk]


Will this keyword be competing with the keywords from my discounted motorcycle clothing adgroup now Google have made these changes or, because I have made them all [exact match], will they all be acceptable in their own right?


Many thanks for any help.

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Re: Competing Against Myself

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Hello Pezbury;

I would say they would compete, since In my view, the "for" preposition would fall into the "closed variant" of exact match.


However, the answer to the question "when several keywords match the search query - which one is used ? "- is not a simple one, since many parameters are involved;


I would start by reading the following article. (Take yourself an hour with a decent cup of coffee - It's not an easy read...)



How similar keywords match to search terms

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Competing Against Myself

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They shouldn't really compete with eachotehr in the first place. 

but what you can do if you really want to have a 100% protection about this potential overlap is create say 3 adgroups withing the same campaign each with a unique exact keyword:

AG1: [motorcycle clothing sale]

AG2: [motorcycle clothing sale uk]

AG3: [motorcycle clothing uk sale]


eachad group would have the other adgroup's exact KW as negative (make sure you use negative exact)...


I have one of my strongest performing campaign setup that way (which has always been in my top 5 since i created it in terms of revenue, Conversion rate and CTR...)


PS: Ignore google's alert saying that you keyword don't display because of a confilicting negative keyword, blah blah... You will see they still generate traffic... it's just a bug in their system (confirmed by 2 google acocunt mangers)



hope this helps



Re: Competing Against Myself

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Thank you, Moshe.  I will have a read of that.


That sounds like the best thing to do, Sifalio, I hadn't thought of that (obviously ha).  Thank you very much guys.