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Clicks from America

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I have just checked my account this morning (and an external source I use to track my paid clicks).

At the moment, I may have to wait a day or so for google to update itself properly, and I have no reason at present to suspect the external source I use.

From the external source I use, it has registered two paid clicks yesterday (Saturday), and it tells me the campaign and keyword information.  This source also tells me that the clicks originated from America.

Now, at the moment, even though Google's graph tells me I had one click yesterday, oddly enough the keyword list DOESN'T show which keyword it was, even though the total says "1".  Hence why I might have to wait a day or so.

My question is, even though I have specifically (and I have checked this), excluded America in my adwords account for my campaign, and I have "People in my targetted location" only etc., is it possible that anyone who is based in the UK (within my geographical areas targetted), and who is using an AMERICAN ISP, would be able to see my paid ads, and would show them as originating from America?

The only ones I can remember (from ages ago), was AOL and Compuserve.  Talktalk I think took over AOL a while back, and AOL also took over Compuserve.  I don't presently know of any others.


Any thoughts on this?


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Re: Clicks from America

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Hi PCTech
Good question and I think you are right. If a user in the UK is using an IP address that's associated with the US location, it may indeed show. Just like if a user was using a VPN, they'll be identified as coming from the location of the VPN.

This happens occasionally. While Google uses more than one way to identify the location of the user, it cannot always get it correct, especially if the user themselves is giving every possible indication that they're in a different location.

It sounds to me that one click was filtered out and it's possible the other may be too.

Another possibility is that the click came from a period before you changed the geo targeting settings. Another possibility could be that the tracking tool that you're using has misidentified the click as from the US.

Google usually does a good job at not displaying your ad in locations where you don't want it to show but it's pretty difficult to get it universally correct, especially on search partners (which I assume you're using?).

Re: Clicks from America

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Hi, thanks for your response. I have actually been looking into this, and I suspect that something very odd may of been going on. I've double checked my adwords, and it seems that one of the clicks(the mobile one), has been discounted by G, but the other one hasn't. I've been charged for that one, despite the adwords total column saying "1", yet when I scroll down the clicks column very carefully, it doesn't show what the keyword was. Mmmm.... Anyway, I also have an account with Bing, and it appears I got attacked this morning by a lot of phantom clicks from america, Seems to be either Redmond or Mountain View. Yet nothing has shown up on my account. I wonder whether the clicks have occurred and Bing has realised somethings been wrong, and 'stopped' them?
I have checked all the geotargetting, and it looks ok, with no major changes to it for at least several days, so don't think it's that.
It does raise an interesting question though perhaps. If you are able to exclude certain locations(countries), e.g. America, yet you still can get clicks from America due to UK users using American ISPs(if that's true), how exactly are they supposed to be blocking other countries?