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Clicks No Conversions

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Hi everyone,


I need help and I hope this makes sense to anyone that's technical.


I've been running an AdWords Campaign for 5 days now and still no conversions.


This is my Landing page:


I have 7 AdGroups, each specifically assigned to relevant keywords with 3 Ads testing for each AdGroup. These ads are getting about 1% CTR. Each of those Ads are created around the Keywords in that AdGroup. I'm only using Phrase and Exact matches for these AdGroups at the moment.


Since the beginning I've removed many Negative keywords. However, left some that have the niche keywords along with competitors Brand name. I figure it's okay to leave this, in case someone clicks and sign up with us instead of the competitor.


  • I've set up Hotjar to record how people are reacting inside the form page after clicking the "sign up now" button and links.
  • I've set up CrazyEgg to see where everyone is clicking and what they are mostly looking at.
  • I've also set up Optimizely to setup 3 Variation - The original with the words "2 Weeks Trail" next to the Sign up button, 1 with "14 Day Trail" next to the Sign up button, and 1 with "14 Day Trail, with the Headline changed from the Original.


So far, I've got about 28 visitors to the Original, 41 visitors to Variation 1, and 12 visitors to Variation 2.


Variation 2 was just created. Traffic allocation is set at 30/30/40. Variation 2 being 40.


Only 2 people clicked on Variation 2.


None converted.


Can anyone help me debug my campaign please?



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Re: Clicks No Conversions

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Badged Google Partner

What is your conversion rate on Non- Adwords traffic?

Are you tracking Phone calls?

You are not showing me a price on the LP or if you are it is hidden?

How does this compare to the competition, LIFELOCK for Identify theft, all the other Antivirus programs Norton, macafee, AVG, Webroot, etc etc iI think should show on the landing page, What differentiates you from those? Compare the services and the prices.

69 Visitors is a small sample. What where the actual search terms that the visitors used? Was every click a "real trageted" visitor that could convert or where those search query terms more irrelevant to a potential customer. Review your search query report in GA as well as in AW. Determine true intent, but with 69 visits that is too small of a sample to glean from.

And as the very first question again what is the conversion rate of Non-Adwords Traffic? Adwords is not the secret pill to conversion, just the Way to get more targeted traffic., Your Offer, Price, Trust-ability etc weight into the conversion metric. If you build it Adwords can make them visit, but doesn't insure people will open their wallet. Conversion is based upon your message, your ability to sell via your ad copy.

Re: Clicks No Conversions

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi @Long Le;

Well... This is impressive technical tools you have set up to analyze.... But,  never forget the content. Smiley Surprised

Two points to highlight here:

  1.  Not enough data yet for statistical analysis. You should continue the test.
  2. The more important one: the content: too much content. The layout and content of the page should be redesigned. Honestly, I bounced after the first paragraph when I scrolled down and saw how much text  there was on the page, before I could make my mind whether to convert or not. These "dense" pages full of information are not my recommendation for a good user experience. 
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Re: Clicks No Conversions

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Top Contributor

Hi @Long Le,


You already have great suggestions above, you must work on them. Your landing page needs work. Here are a few points you should consider -


The purpose of the business in question should be clear above the fold. What do you offer? The answer to this question should be in above the fold content. It was not clear to me till I scrolled down. 


Make sure your ads' pitch and landing page content bear proper relevancy. You must already be targeting keywords like Identity Theft Protection, hence having the main opening text on the page with this keyword would be a good idea. It would also sort out the first problem I said above. 


There are several things, it would be difficult to explain them all here. But in short, you landing page does need optimization.


Ratan Jha


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Re: Clicks No Conversions

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I would definetely work on the landing page. Do you have different copies of your landing page? Also, you might want get the CTA button a little bigger. Is majority of your traffic on desktop or mobile? On Mobile landing page, it says "Don't be a victim..." , might want to be straight forward. "Don't be a victim of Identity theft " or something in terms of how many people are victims each years and don't be one of them. Need more testimonials on how your product helped them.