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Click-to-call only option flakey

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Hi, I'm running a legacy click-to-call campaign using a call extension.

I want ONLY CALLS and no clicks to website.

Therefore the call extension is setup as follows: "Show my ad on" is set to "Only smartphones using my own phone number", and "Show the following links" is set to "Just the phone number" (it's a USA phone number).

However I'm getting a lot of clicks that don't show up as a call.

When I compare the keyword stats and Dimensions/Call extension stats, I'm getting only 1 call for every 5 clicks roughly.

How is this possible since my setup is to only have a link to make a call, and not a link to a website?  Thank you.

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Re: Click-to-call only option flakey

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Hi Duke,

In terms of set-up, it sounds like you've got everything right:
(a) Legacy campaign (make sure it's only targeting mobile devices?)
(b) And you've set up a call extension with "Just the phone number" as the click option

So there are a few reasons why some of these clicks aren't turning into actual calls:

(1) When you have the "Just the phone number" click option, only the phone number should be clickable on your mobile ads. However, the click charge happens when the user clicks that number. This action only brings up the number in their phone dialer. The user might not decide to actually complete the call.

(2) If your campaign is only targeting mobile devices, your ad should only be showing on mobile devices. But on occasion, a device that doesn't permit calls (i.e. iPod touch) is seen by the system as a mobile device, and since the device can't make calls, the website link is what's clickable.

(3) Make sure you don't also have the phone number in your ad text. We had policy changes around phone numbers in ad text a few months ago, but old ads won't be proactively disapproved until mid-July. So you might still have some ads in the account with phone numbers in the ad text. If you do, that number will trump your call extension and will definitely affect the reporting.

Hope this helps!

Re: Click-to-call only option flakey

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