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Clear Definitions: Assist Impressions, Conversion & Value

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Adwords defines Assist Impression, Impression-Assisted Conversion & Impression-Assisted Conversion Value as the following:

Assist ImpressionAssist impressions is the total number of times a keyword triggered impressions that were not clicked in searches preceding a conversion.


Impression Assisted ConversionImpression-assisted conversions is the total number of conversions for which this keyword triggered assist impressions prior to the last click.


Impression Assisted Conversion Value: Impression-assisted conversion value is the total value of all conversions for which this keyword triggered assist impressions.



Based on Google Help Center, I was under the belief of the following:

Assist Impressions - Any impression served to a customer that, excluding the last click, lead to a conversion.


If this is the case, how is it different than how AdWords defines Impression Assisted Conversion?


Also, what value does Impression Assisted Conversion Value serve? How would it benefit me to use it?


Thanks you!

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Re: Clear Definitions: Assist Impressions, Conversion & Value

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Hi there,

I'm not sure I totally understand your question (let me know if I miss the mark), but essentially, an Impression Assisted Conversion is when a user sees your ad (an impression is registered) and they later complete a conversion on your site. In your reports, this Impression Assisted Conversion total would appear alongside the keyword that had registered the conversion.

For the Assisted Conversion value: if you have a static conversion value or a dynamic value that you've set up with the conversion, it will pull in the total value for all the conversions that resulted from an impression assist.

I hope that helps; let me know if I can clarify anything.

Re: Clear Definitions: Assist Impressions, Conversion & Value

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Hi Jessica P,

There can be multiple Assist Impressions for each conversion, but there will be only one Impression Assisted Conversion for each conversion.

One of the challenges in tracking any marketing campaign is to figure out how many conversion you get to your ad through different channels. In this case, let's say I did a keyword search and found both your ad and your organic listing, then I click on the organic listing after having read your ad. That would count as an assisted conversion. Or, I did a keyword search, saw your ad and typed the display URL into the browser address bar and then convert. That's an assisted conversion as well.

It's good to know the total value of your campaign. A campaign that appears to be marginal could "become" profitable when you add in the assisted conversion.

Best of Luck!


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Re: Clear Definitions: Assist Impressions, Conversion & Value

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If I create a custom campaign column and add "all conv value" and "impression assisted conversion value" together.


Am I double counting sales? If so please outline how.