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If I want to run a successful campaign recommend what types of keywords I should choose regarding 

1. High Volume 

2.High CPC

3.High CTR ? 

Re: Choose keyword

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Hey there,

It really depends on your campaign's goals, budget, etc, but I typically like to cast a broad net of keywords in my ad groups and let them run to collect data before deciding which terms to leverage and which ones to pause/delete.

Terms with extremely high volume of impressions and very low CTR can hurt your campaign's quality score, so I like to remove those.

High CPC is fine if you're getting the ROI out of it. With time you should also be able to lower the CPC by refining the ads and landing pages for higher quality score.

Re: Choose keyword

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Hi there,


The most important thing for the type of keywords for your successful campaign - they should be RELEVANT to your business. After that, you can choose any strategy you like: from large lists of cheap and low volume long-tail specific keywords to rather broad, competitive and more expensive ones. Relevancy is the only thing that will ensure your business is shown to the people who are searching for *your* products and services.


Also, be sure that your ad copies are relevant to the keywords that you select and the landing page also relates to those two. This way you will have effective AdWords campaign.


Tools like Keyword Planner can help you extend your list and give ideas for your keywords. 

In my opinion, all the strategies come after this initial thing. Relevancy!


Milda Prušinskaitė