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Cannot make a new adwords account

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I have two google accounts.  Account 1 is my personal account, and has an old adwords account associated with it.  Account 2 is my business account - I would like to begin making adwords ads with this account.


However, when I navigate to I receive the following error:


There was an error with your operation. If you were trying to make a change, it may not have saved. 

Please refresh this page to try again. 

If the error continues, log out of your AdWords account, then log in again and return to this page.

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I have followed the many available suggestions on this topic found on these forums (clear browser cache, remove adblock plus, etc) but this issue happens on Chrome and Safari in Mac OSX, a virtual machine on the same computer running Windows 7 with IE, and on a Windows 7 machine with Chrome, Firefox, and IE that is located on a different network (my home network vs my company's network).
can log in using my old personal account that has had adwords campaigns in the past and manage those just fine, but I cannot get past this error with my new account when I visit .
This is really inhibiting my ability to operate with adwords - please help!
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Re: Cannot make a new adwords account

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I dont see any difficulty in this whole process please upgrade your google adword to a new experience which is mention on the top of Google adword showing these days try this .

Re: Cannot make a new adwords account

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Do you mean:

I dont see any difficulty in this whole process. Please upgrade your google adword to a new experience, which is mentioned on top of Google adword showing(?) these days. Try this.


I think you are telling me to try a "new Google Adword Experience" that has recently become available. If this is the case, where do I do so?

Re: Cannot make a new adwords account

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Let me offer an idea or two.


First, I assume you have tried refreshing your browser page the way the message suggests?


If you have and this hasn't fixed the problem, use the "trouble accessing your account" link on the AdWords sign-in page. It will walk you through submitting a trouble ticket--there may be some glitch in the code that has your new account blocked or something.

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