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Can you serve different remarketing ads by domain on single account?

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Currently I  have a single remarketing campaign (Campaign#1) and Ads were uploaded directly under that campaign.   There is a single remarketing list for all visitors to the websites.  I am using the AdWords remarketing tag and have placed that exact same code on and and ALL visotrs of both domains received the same Ads.


However, I want to serve different remarketing ads and destination URL's separately for each domain.  So....


In a single AdWords account for remarketing campaigns, is there a way to serve AdSetA to ALL visitors of and AdSetB to ALL visitors of  Again, AdSetA and AdSetB would also have unique destination URL's.


Note that Universal Analytics is setup for both domains under a single Analytics account.  Each domain is setup as it's own property.  So, It doesn't matter to me if I have to use the AdWords remarketing code or Universal Analytics to accomplish this coal.



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Re: Can you serve different remarketing ads by domain on single accoun

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Hi Evan,

The obvious solution that comes to mind is to take your remarketing list and creating 2 rule based lists from this list.

You can create a list that only includes people who have visited and the same for

Learn more here:

Give that page a thorough read and you should know all you need in order to accomplish your goals.

Good Luck

Re: Can you serve different remarketing ads by domain on single accoun

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Hi Evan,

Clyton has given you the best possible answer here.

Creating two different rule based lists according to the domain URL's will be the best way to proceed on this. Classify the URL for one domain and create list A for Domain A & carry out the same procedure for Domain B.

Once your lists have been populated with the minimum number of users required, you can start remarketing to them with dedicated domain based ad copies.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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