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Can't open Adwords Keyword Tool

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For the past few days I"ve been unable to open

(which redirects to "invalid https link"



as well as several other google https sites. Keep gettting loading/loading/loading, then red banner bar saying:


There was an error with your operation. If you were trying to make a change, it may not have saved.

Please refresh this page to try again.

If the error continues, log out of your AdWords account, then log in again and return to this page.

then sometimes a blank google adwords screen. 


This is happening consistently, even using several different wifi connections. Using pc with windows XP.


No problem at all reaching google search page and doing searches, or going to any other internet sites including https secure pages.


Had no problem reaching the keyword tool last week.


Suggestions please,










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Re: Can't open Adwords Keyword Tool

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Did you dump your cache and cookies and try to reload the page?


Also looks like you are trying to access the external took - have you tried accessing the tool through your adwords account?  Under Tools & Analysis...  


from the redirect messaging I can see it is trying to redirect you back into the adwords account associated with whatever login email you are currently logged in with.



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Re: Can't open Adwords Keyword Tool

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Hey Kim - Yes, I've tried deleting cache and cookies.


When I log in to adwords, SOMETIMES it gets to the adword page that says:

Welcome to AdWords!
  Create your first campaign
   Getting started
     1. Choose your budget
     2. Create your ads
      blah blah
There's no obvious link to get to the old adword analysis page where you enter test adwords.
There's also NO link on this page to "Tools and Analysis" that I can find. We must be seeing different pages.
I'm not trying to create a campaign, only do some adword research for generating a couple web pages.
I'm getting very frustrated. I have now done DOZENS of searches for google adwords/keywords (ex: Google Keyword Tool Box, etc) but there seems never to be a link to the tool itself!!
Can you give me a link that goes directly to the tool?
Normally I thnk I'm pretty good at entering relivant keywords in my internet searches (high success rate in finding exactly what I want), but historically I' always seem to have a very frusrtrating time trying to find anything within the vast world of google itself. The google search engine is wonderful, but it feels like the logical organization of everything else google was designed by a scatterbrain!
(Sorry for the ranting.)
Thanks for the help.

Re: Can't open Adwords Keyword Tool

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i could not access "" for days. it always end with empty content. only thing i could see is my ID above.