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Can "Conversions" be Analytics "Destinations Page" Goals?

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In Google Analytics I have set up several "Destination Page" goals. It is my understanding these could be linked into Adwords as "Conversions".


In the Google Adwords, when I go to "Keywords" and change "Details" to "All Search Terms", I see a column for conversions.  What this encompasses I am not sure. It does not break out by my individual destination page goals. And when I do further research about "Conversion Tracking" for Adwords, I get to this page:


And this page seems to indicate to get "Conversion Tracking" to work, you have to embed additional tracking code on your pages when the conversion is made, which I am NOT doing.


So why am I seeing conversions?

And what are these conversions?

Is it possible to have "Destinations Page" goals as conversions?



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Re: Can "Conversions" be Analytics "Destinations Page&q

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Mark S

Basically in the top of adword menu Home Campaigns Tools
In drop down of Tools you will see Conversions.

Their you can "Import from Analytics" . here you can choose which every of your Anlaytics Goals you wish to import as conversions.

Be careful not to import too many because each one you import will be considered a +1 in the count. So if you added a full funnel steps prior to the final completion. It would count each individual step as ONE, and you may see 4-5 conversions for actual one Customer converting.
Make Sense?

You have the option to pick Conversions or Converted Click, it give the explanation there as well, so pick what works for you.

So why am I seeing conversions? Analytics goals may be auto pulled in already - choose what you want - following instructions above

And what are these conversions? The analytics goals you set up already.

Is it possible to have "Destinations Page" goals as conversions? YES - what ever you determine in analytics as a Goal can be pulled in as a conversion.

I have seen accounts I took over that pulled in their full funnel goals as I stated about and totally messed with true Conversion tracking in Adwords because of not excluding or making the correct assumptions.

Hope that helps.

Re: Can "Conversions" be Analytics "Destinations Page&q

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I'm sorry, I have to jump in here and say something Eric.

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC answer. I had allocated 15 mins to come back to this question to help this user and I have to say, I really could not have put it better myself. Really, well done.

Mark, I hope that's answered your question. If I was in your shoes, it would for me. You wont get clearer than that.