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Can my ad appear only if BOTH keywords are entered?

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My site will be mainly selling cabinet knobs. I'd like to keep things as focused as possible by using "cabinet knobs" as my search keywords, but I only want my ad to appear if BOTH of these words are entered by the user. Is this possible?

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Re: Can my ad appear only if BOTH keywords are entered?

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Hi Cabinet Hardware, and welcome to the Community.  It's more than possible, it's recommended!


If you don't trigger on both Keywords you're opening yourself up to any search term that matches either word, which would be a bad thing for your Account.


You have several options for matching more than one word.  The simplest is to use a "modified broad match":


+cabinet +knob


This will insist that both words are in a search term, but they can be in any order and with any other word "between" them, e.g. cabinet door knob.  You may find this a useful start for gathering more precise terms.  Next on the list would be a "phrase match":


"cabinet knobs"


This insists both words are present and in that order with no other word between them, but does allow words outside, e.g. wooden cabinet knobs.  Last but by no means least is the "exact match":


[cabinet knobs]


This will only trigger on precisely those words.  No others, no other order.   


The pros and cons of these match types is a complex subject so you might want to search this forum and other sources for various articles on the subject then come back here when you find they all contradict each other.  



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Re: Can my ad appear only if BOTH keywords are entered?

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Hello CabinetHardware and welcome to the Community !


"as focused as possible"


Using the exact match will get you to what you want, which means writing your keyword like this


[cabinet knobs]


There is also an option to avoid plurals, feminine/masculine variations by selecting Campaign / Settings and from the lower page select this "no close variations"






More examples about the usage of keyword matching here :


Best of luck with your campaign !


Later edit : sorry Jon for answering simultanously

Re: Can my ad appear only if BOTH keywords are entered?

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Thanks Guys, for the really detailed explanations! I VERY much appreciate it!