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Can i campaign without keywords with a display banner?

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Hi, does keywords are required for display ad banners and interstitial ads when I`m targeting mobile only and location targeting?

Re: Can i campaign without keywords with a display banner?

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Hi Saikiran,

You don't have to use keywords but you do have to choose a targeting method (more than just geography). For example, you could choose placement targeting, topic targeting, interest targeting, remarketing or contextual (keyword targeting). You can also layer your targets if you want to.


Here's a quick overview:

  • You can do placement targeting, which is where you choose the websites you want to show on. Be sure to use the Display Planner to verify that the sites that you've chosen are part of the Google display network. You can also use the display planner to brainstorm placement ideas.
  • You can choose topics. Topics refer to the content of the sites that you'd like to show an ad on.
  • You can choose affinity audiences/interest categories. In other words, you can determine the interests of the consumers that you'd like to see your ad. As people who are interested in X browse the internet, your ad will be eligible for placements on the sites that they frequent.
  • You can choose audiences that you've built, to remarket people based upon their behavior on your site.
  • As you mentioned in your post, you can target contextually - which is to target keywords.

If you want to target mobile apps, you can choose the types of apps that you want to show in by creating a mobile app campaign.


Here are some links for more information:

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Hope this helps!