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Can any one explain about end to end cycle for campaign management?

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Hi Guys 


    Can any one explain about  end to end cycle for campaign management?

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September 2015

Re: Can any one explain about end to end cycle for campaign managemen

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Hi Koppuravuri,

Can you explain your question in more detail?  I'll do my best to answer, but if I don't get everything, please clarify.


At a very high, basic level, with an AdWords Campaign you:

1.  Select a Daily Budget

2.  Pick Keywords where you want to serve your Ads

3.  Write Ad Copy

4.  Set your Maximum CPC Bids

5.  Pick Landing Pages


There are many other steps, such as organizing your Keywords and Ads into Ad Groups, but those are the basic ones.  Because it sounds like you may be newer to AdWords, below are several links to free AdWords resources.  I think you'll find #1 and #5 the most helpful for understanding all the ins and outs of Campaign Management.  


Hopefully this helps!


  1. Growing your business with AdWords (aka AdWords for Beginner’s Guide) – Simple, yet thorough explanation of the AdWords platform and how to set up an Account.  I particularly like this resource because it’s linear and gives you examples and tips.
  2. AdWords Help Center – All you ever needed to know about AdWords in one place with great on-site search functionality.  Recommended: Set up your account and start advertising
  3. AdWords YouTube Channel – If you prefer watching videos vs. reading, this is the place for you.
  4. AdWords Community - Yes, you’re already here, but besides posting questions, take time to review questions that advertisers have previously asked, and their solutions.
  5. AdWords Step by Step - Another simple, easy to understand walkthrough on the basics of setting up an AdWords Account.

Re: Can any one explain about end to end cycle for campaign managemen

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Thank you so much @vkore91