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Can an AdWord campaign be profitable for me?

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Hello. I am thinking to advertise the website on Google AdWords. There, I am selling a course. I have to questions:

1. Should  I advertise the course directly, or create and advertise a free webinar where I will promote it? Which way is more efficient?

2. Are there any chances to earn the same amount I invest in advertising or more? I mean, will I find a buyer for every 99$ I advertise, in your experience? Are usually this kind of campaigns profitable?

Thank you!

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Re: Can an AdWord campaign be profitable for me?

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Hello Sergiu,

I see A LOT of online course ads, so yes, advertising an online course is a great idea! Here are some thoughts on advertising with Adwords:

1. Advertise the course directly: most people want to see information right away after clicking on an ad. Include a link to a free webinar about the course, but most people would rather have the information at their fingertips than sign up for a webinar (be at their computer for a specific date and time).

2. You can definitely advertise under a $99 budget for online courses, but I'm not sure if there's any *guarantee* that for every $99 you spend, you'll get someone signed up. Remember, advertising gets your name out there, it's up to you to sell the lead. I'd recommend using the Display network and targeting individuals who have specifically looked for information related to your online course, or looked for online education. The Display network can drive a lot of awareness about your online course while keeping costs low. Another bonus for using the Display network is Re-Marketing. It is a fantastic tool, and for me it's a constant reminder that I looked into online courses and that my options are still available Smiley Happy

Good luck!

Re: Can an AdWord campaign be profitable for me?

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I am sorry to be the one "spoiling the party", but your business model violates the "Misrepresentation of self, product, or service" section of the Policy (e.g. How to get rich).
I don't think this business model can be promoted on Google;
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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