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Can I use broad match and broad match modifier together ?

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Hi, I have a question. I offer many items for HIRE and I created a dozen of campaigns (ove 600 key-phrases in total). As I know they may compete with each other. My question is:


Can I use a broad match and broad match modifier together in one keyphrase? Eg:

+dj +equipment hire

(HIRE without '+')

which means that it will return results for DJ and equipment without synonyms and word HIRE with synonyms (eg. rental). I'm asking because I have duplicated a whole campaign which contains words hire and replaced words hire with rentals and so on... 6 campaigns like this in total. 

Please advise. 

Thank you.


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Re: Can I use broad match and broad match modifier together ?

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Hi Piotr, 


Welcome to AdWords Community.


The answer is a yes. You can modify the word(s) you want in your broad match keywords. This is the reason it is broad match modifiers (BMM).


For instance – you can use keywords like hire +dj +equipment, hire dj +equipment, or +hire +dj +equipment. It means you can modify the term you want.


Using BMM your ads can appear for the search terms containing the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms). Yes, BMM does not qualify for synonyms so get ahead to different keywords for them. For instance –


+hire +dj +equipment, +rent +dj +equipment, +dj +equipment +rental and so on…


Please also keep in mind that unlike phrase match the order of the terms does not make any effect in the BMM. So, if you have +hire +dj +equipment as the keywords, your ads can appear for the search terms like –


dj equipment for hire, hire dj equipment, where to hire cheap dj equipment, online dj equipment for hire and so on…


Hope it helps.


Ratan Jha

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Re: Can I use broad match and broad match modifier together ?

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Hi Piotr,

Welcome to AdWords Community! In addition to Ratan Jha spot on advice, I would like to add just one thought, Like you said you have duplicated campaigns:
one campaign for term hire
second for rentals and so on
You need to design your campaign in a manner that all hire related search terms trigger from campaign1, all rental related search terms triggers from rentals and so on. I believe you can go with BMM and exact. Here no need to mix BMM with broad.

If I understand your question correctly I would go with above approach.


Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Can I use broad match and broad match modifier together ?

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Piotr C,

Both Ratan and NehaGupta have given your the correct advice on the Matching options, I wanted to address the situation of "As I know they may compete with each other".

Since you stated for example you have Campaign 1 with terms HIRE campaign 2 for terms RENT etc. You may want to consider using Negative keywords to force the correct ad copy and keyword bids to the correct Campaign / Adgroup.

So for example:
In Campaign 1 ( HIRE) i would add the negative keyword RENT so that my keyword and ad copy would not be eligible for a possible RENT keyword query in the HIRE campaign and would Make any RENT terms got to the RENT Campaign. Do the same of all other Campaigns,/ Ad groups that might have a conflict because of similar keyword match types or synonyms.

More Simplified Example:

Campaigns for Red, White, Blue

Campaign RED - would have negative keywords White, Blue
Campaign White - would have negative keyword Red, Blue
Campaign Blue - would have negative keywords Red, White

Hope that helps