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Can I select Search membership duration 180 days while Display is 30 ?

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I noticed that the search audience membership duration is a maximum of 180 days even for the lists where I have a longer duration setup.


I wonder how do I control the duration for the audience from search ?


If I have an audience that is useful 60 days for Display and 180 days for search can I set this up and how ?



This is the info bubble about the audience duration for RLSA : membership-duration-180-days.png

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Re: Can I select Search membership duration 180 days while Display is

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Hi Adrian,

I'm not reading this the same way as you. To me it is saying a re-marketing campaign targeted at the DN can have a maximum 540 days duration. A re-marketing campaign targeted at Search can have a maximum 180 days duration.

You could use value track {network} for this. ({network}

The value of {network} will tell you "whether the click came from Google search, a search partner, or the Display Network (which will appear as "g," "s," and "d," respectively)"

I do something like this. First, I declare the necessary variables for the re-marketing code. The I run a couple test on the incoming visit. If it carries a gclid value, I assign my "AdWords" re-marketing value. If Google is the referrer and there is no gclid value, I assign my "Google organic" value, then load the script with the proper values assigned.

Make 2 lists, one for search and one for display (or 3 if you want to separate Google search from partners. Then look at the query string for the value of network. If it's "g", assign the Google code, if it's "s", assign the Partners code and if it's "d" assign the DN code. You can then define a different duration for each of those lists.

I can send you sample code if you need it.

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Can I select Search membership duration 180 days while Display is

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They also say in the help file that if a revisit occurs in the 180 days the counter is  reset for that visitor so I am positive that it is about how long a cookie stays in the list. I am not using so many options now , no need for advanced coding Smiley Happy I'll bookmark your offer to use it later in the distant future. Thanks.


[Later edit]


at the "more about membership duration" :


The visitor's cookie is deleted from the list at the end of the duration if there's no new activity. If the person visits your site again, the clock is reset for another 30 days or for the duration you've set. The maximum membership duration is 540 days. For remarketing lists for search ads, the maximum membership duration is 180 days. If you set a duration longer than than, the cookie ID will be removed from the search remarketing list after 180 days.

If someone continuously visits a page, the clock is reset, and the visitor's cookie stays on the list.