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Can I cut out a common word in my keywords to do DKI?

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Since my list of keywords all have the same common word "treatment" (such as "anxiety treatment", "adhd treatment", etc), how can I cut out the common word in dynamic keyword insertion?


Or any other way for me to show part of the keywords in my ad?





Re: Can I cut out a common word in my keywords to do DKI?

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Hi Jessy,

There isn't currently a way to use DKI for only part of a keyword. You may be able to make use of ad customizers, though. Can you clarify why you want to only show part of the keyword? I think that might help us make suggestions.

As an aside, if you have multiple treatment types in one ad group, you might consider restructuring to ensure your ad is always relevant to the keyword. For instance you could have an ADHD campaign and an anxiety campaign, or at the very least you could have a treatment campaign with anxiety and ADHD as different ad groups.