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Can I Implement this way

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Hi ,


I am decide a set of keyword al are unique but i want to use them in phrase and exact match and couple in BMM.


keywords include services , main product and support


At first I thought of using two groups, one fro services and support and another for mainproduct.


And write 1 ad for one group and another for another group.


Now, Iam thinking to use two text ads for one group  and same two text ads for another  group.

And planning to use  all phrase match key words in one group  and another one with exact match. 


Can Use this way,


please suggest



Can I Implement this way

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Hi Sri - you are on this right track, it is always recommended to have atleast 2 ad copies(text ads) in each ad group as you can see which one of the two works for you, so you can later pause the under performing one. But make sure that you make different ad groups for different services or products for better targeting and tracking. Ad groups should always contain keywords with the same theme to reach out to relevant users.


Similarly, you can use the same set of keywords in different ad groups with different bids and match types to avoid conflict.