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Campaings and Extensions relations

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If I add more than one extension (no matters what kind of extension is) to a campaign, how Google Adwords choose one of these extensions will be shown? Or another way to ask, how can I select one of these extensions?


For example, if I add 5 Callout extensions, which one will be shown?

Can I do anything to add priority to one of those extensions?
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September 2016

Re: Campaings and Extensions relations

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Hi Rafa,

Unfortunately, you can't assign priority to your extensions. What I can tell you is that you ensure that 3 of your most important Callouts or structured snippets (for example) show up with your ads. All you need to do is limit your extensions (for callouts and structured snippets) to 3 in your campaign. The reason behind this is that on the SERP, you have approximately a 60 Character limit for the extensions below your ad ( this is something that me and my team figured on our own with some help from a rep) and if you limit your extensions to within 60 characters, those extensions will show up with you ads for sure.

If your bids, QS etc. are all in place, your extensions will always show up with the ads.

Also, this logic applies to all extensions like sitelinks & descriptive sitelinks, since you can show up to 4 sitelinks at a time, you limit your sitelinks to just 4 per campaign. Smiley Happy

Do give this a try and let me know if it helps.

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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