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Campaign setup advice

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Hi all, I'm fairly new to Adwords so looking for a bit of advice if possible.


I have a new travel business that offers resorts across the globe aimed at buyers from the UK. My site has country landing pages for broad searches (i.e. trips to Spain) and resort landing pages for specific searches (i.e. trips to Costa Brava). I've set up a campaign for each country and have a "generic" ad group in each, with (for example) the location targeting set to united kingdom and spain, and then with generic (non-location specific) keywords in the generic ad groups.


My problem is getting the specific resort ads to show up when searching.


I focus on different countries at different times of the year so want the ability to increase / decrease spend in particular countries at different times of the year so my assumption was one campaign per country was the way to go, but my question is:


Should I then create one campaign per resort as well and location target only that resort and the UK?


Or should I create separate ad groups for each resort within the main country campaign and adjust the generic keywords to include the name of the resort for each one?


Sorry if this is a newbie question, happy to provide any more context if someone could advise.


Many thanks



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Re: Campaign setup advice

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Hi Matt,

The usual tactique (a Best Practice) is to promote keywords to ad groups, and ad groups to campaigns when justified by stats. That allows for a relatively smooth transitional period unless you make way too many changes to the original structure.


Re: Campaign setup advice

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Hi Matt,


On the face of it, I would recommend having different campaigns for these. For example:


Campaign 1 - Country Generic (Eg: Spain Generic) (Keywords: like holidays in spain, trips to spain, etc)

Campaign 2 - Country Core (Eg: Spain Core) (Keywords: resorts in spain, resort holidays in spain, resort packages in spain, etc)

Campaign 3 - Country - Resort Locations (Eg: Spain - Resort Locations) (Keywords: trips to costa brava, resorts in costa brava, holidays in costa brava)

Campaign 4 - Country - Brand (Eg: Spain - Brand) (Keywords can be the actual resort name with and without their location mentioned)


Campaign 5 - Country - Competition (Eg: Spain - Competition) (Keywords can contain competitor resorts that exist in this country, resort locations)


Reason for the suggestion:


The decision to create a specific campaign for a particular set of keywords should be driven by the intent of those keywords; In your specific scenario, someone looking for a particular location that has a resort from your business is someone you might want to show up more often to as opposed to someone searching for a generic holiday in a country type query.


Similarly,  people searching for your resort names or brand name would probably have the highest intent to convert as they already know about you. I'd wanna show them my ads all the time.


Doing something similar to the above would give you better control on the budget management for your campaigns. This may lead to a higher number of campaigns, but that is a small price to pay as it lets you skew your spend on terms that should work better for you; You can always separate out campaigns later but just 1 campaign per country would mean that only some of your terms that have high search volumes will exhaust your daily budget and the rest of your keywords will not even spend enough for you to know if they're working for you or not.


On a side note, why are you targeting UK & Spain? If your business is catering to folks located in the UK who wish to travel to Spain for a holiday then targeting just UK should work. Targeting spain opens you up to searchers in Spain looking for holidays too.


Hope this helps. Let me know if you'd like to discuss this further, would be happy to help.



Re: Campaign setup advice

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Rising Star
HI Matt,

I agree with Nikhil's opinion on this.

I would follow his structuring recommendation as soon as possible and rework your account structure. If this is too much of a task at the moment, I suggest you start out with the most popular or profitable route/destination for you and test the structure out. Do remember to write more specific or rather relevant ad copies for the revised structure or else the whole exercise would be in vain.

Hope this Helps!

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Campaign setup advice

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Let's be clear about something - Do you separate "landing pages" (different domains, sub-domains, for each and every possibility), or do you have a single domain/site with lots of specific content?

Keyword targeted search advertising is not necessarily the "best" way to go about advertising your business. As long as the "landing pages" are on the same site/domain, you may want to consider DSA campaign(s). Google might actually do a better job of matching the user to the ad and landing page, without any interference. Smiley Happy

If you don't yet know for sure, then don't assume - Find out! Start small, see what you come up with, and if/when you find something that works for you, expand on that.

Re: Campaign setup advice

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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the community.

It seems that we have a similar case here as I work for a company which sells Insurance products for US and UK. So, initially we have divided our Search Network Only campaign strategy as below.

First, select a separator with which you would like to categorise your campaign. As said by you above, you can do this like:

Campaign 1: UK
Ad Groups:
(1) Demographics + Keywords: To know which user of age with a keyword is gaining more clicks and landing on your website.
(2) Interest + Keywords: To know which user of age X is showing interest to a holiday or outdoor event, so on.
(3) Placements + Demographics: To know which user of age X is visiting holiday websites.

Campaign 2: Spain (Performing same as above like UK).

This is to make sure which targeting methods are working for which countries. After getting a deep insights after a week from the above campaigns, you can narrow down your targeting with the insights you obtain like below:

Then along with Search campaign, we have also deployed a Display campaign for branding like below:

Campaign 1: Keywords + Placements ( If you have obtained good results from keywords and placements)
Location: UK / Spain ( Please target the country that you have obtained good results in above and even you wanted to target users of UK to have a holiday in Spain, you can still gain additional footsteps from Spain as well.)
Campaign type: you can also choose Display Network Only, if you wish to show your anonymously even when anyone doesn't search for it. This can help you in building branding.

We have executed these two campaigns and had leveraged out of it.

Hope it works for you as well.

Sai Muralidhar