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Campaign call extension clicks - what are they?

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When I create a custom report it says I've only had 15 phone impressions, and 0 calls and cost. However in campaign call extensions it says around 45 clicks and 3 thousand impressions with an associated cost.


Am I right in understanding these are different metrics being measured? I only recently enabled the call forwarding so is it a case that it hasn't yet taken effect and would have - or is the 45 clicks something else?

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October 2015

Re: Campaign call extension clicks - what are they?

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Hi Rovtech,


The clicks, impressions, and other metrics in the Call Extensions area show the clicks, etc. on an ad that had the call extension showing, not necessarily on the call extension itself. 


Once your Google Forwarding number has been running a bit longer, you should be able to see those phone calls in "Calls from Ads" under Tools > Conversions at the top of your page.  You can also see in-depth call reporting features in the Dimensions tab of the campaign you have the forwarding number assigned to, by clicking on the Dimensions tab and then selecting View: Call Details from the dropdown button on the top left under the tabs.


Does this help?


Re: Campaign call extension clicks - what are they?

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Hi @Rovtech S


To simplify it, use segment option and select click type to know more about where you got clicks from.

Call Extensions >> Segment >> click Type


And the overall clicks are for other clicks on other part of the ad example: site link head line.


If you look into segment type, I hope you will find answer for yourself.  And this is not effect of forwarding number.


Go through with the below screen shot for details.