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Campaign budget is not whole spent.

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What may be the reason that my budget isn't whole spent for a month.


For example:

I got budget for 1000$, but actually I spent only 100$ for the first month.

(Maybe 70% of the whole budget is reasonable, but 10% look specious).


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Re: Campaign budget is not whole spent.

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A complete information on Budgets and Bids


Things to consider:


In Search Network:
Campaign Budget is based on CPC's ( cost per click). You pay when there is a CLICK.
Hence you had a limited number of click, and or a limited number of impressions to help produce those clicks.

Match types can influence the amount of potential impressions and hence clicks.
Ad Rank ( or position you show up in the result) can influence if you the amount of clicks.
If your CTR is low, (Click through Rate) that means not many people are clicking on your ad, based on the amount of impression that are shown.

You could have Low QS ( Quality scores) that effect your Ad positions.

You also could have keywords with "Low Search Volume" or your ads could not be appealing or irrelevant to the keyword terms.

Check your setups for bid devices, targeting options, scheduling, etc

Run the Diagnosis Reports under keywords to get an idea of what is happening.

In Display Network:
Your targeting options could restrict you from lots of impressions, and people don't necessary click as much on Display network as they would on Search Network in general.