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Campaign Organization for e-commerce

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Hello everyone,


Today is about campaign organization and I need some opinions about the following idea.


I have some products on my site that are both branded and unbranded and I launched a branded campaign (using just one brand) to increase sales for that brand but the results aren't good because people don't look for branded products too much so the campaign doesn't get many impressions not even mention clicks. My ads also have a low position because they contain specific terms for that brand and they aren't very relevant for what people look for. Also this organization will also give me problems if I launch a campaign on the same product but with a different brand, with the chance that wrong ads may be triggered.


My idea is the following (i am using shoes as example):


Campaign name: Trainers



- Trainers General: keywords with high traffic value but very general and competitive - exact/broad modified match type, general ads about the product;


- #brand1 trainers: same keywords but branded - exact/broad modified match type - specific ads that target the specific branded products


- #brand2 trainers...


- #brand3 trainers...


In this way, although I have the same root keywords pretty much within every adgroup , I should have more control over the ads, because I would only use exact/broad modified match type so the branded ones will show only when the root keyword is followed by the brand name, if not I should still be there because of my general adgroup.


Thanks for reading, I know I wrote a lot.

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Re: Campaign Organization for e-commerce

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Three quick suggestions:


#1 - Be careful with your bids or your generic broad "unbranded" keywords will accumulate all of the traffic. I would suggest adding the exact match versions of your "unbranded" keywords as negative keywords to your branded Ad Groups and vice-versa.


#2 - Be aware that if there is little or no traffic for the brand names you're advertising then those keywords are likely to get very little traffic, regardless. The best organization in the world won't product search traffic that doesn't exist. Smiley Happy


#3 - If it were me, I'd avoid broad match completely. I'd test modified broad match, though.

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Re: Campaign Organization for e-commerce

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Why not use phrase match? Doesn´t cost you anything. I´d do that. And I´d increase the bid with (say) 20% the more narrow the keyword is

Re: Campaign Organization for e-commerce

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Thanks for your reply.


I was thinking to do so on branded terms in order not to create confusion.


As I said I would only use modified broad match which works well with my account, not broad.


The problem is that the traffic volume for general ones is quite good, instead for the branded ones is lower but those keywords convert better so instead of creating different campaings I though to base the campaign on the product (instead of brand) and keep in the same adgroup general and branded. Also in this way the budget is not scattered on different campaigns.


I am concerned that it might not work

Re: Campaign Organization for e-commerce

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Using phrase match gives me less control over the keywords and considering that keywords are pretty much the same this match type could trigger the wrong ads. So I will definitely use phrase match for some keywords but I think I will focus on exact and modified broad match types.


Re: Campaign Organization for e-commerce

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You could use different ad groups because you need to write your ad texts differently for brand names.


It is better to use a keyword insertion in the title to match the actual phrases that people search.


I belive that these strategies might bring you more clicks instead of mixing brands with non-brands which generate traffic .