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Campaign Optimisation

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Can you please give some tips on how to set up a workflow for optimising campaigns. How often a campaign ought to be optimised i.e every 7 / 14 days etc.


Thank you.

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Re: Campaign Optimisation

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You will probably receive a lot of different answers, but in general the answer is IT Depends upon the DATA and RESULTS

In the first 30-90 days there is a lot of work to do, and I personally try to look at each account daily and make changes based on the data presents. ( negative keywords, bid adjustments etc)

With Optimization you need data, so some will make changes based upon receiving 1000 impressions ( that may take a month to acquire, may take a day)

Optimization is based on making changes to your account that improve your CTR, QS, your CPC, Ad copy testing (a/b), conversion, landing page tweaks (A/B Test) Bid Adjustments based on Ave Position and Conversions. adding negative keywords, testing match types, adding new ad groups, checking targeting, checking mobile vs desktop bids, working on your Ad extension call outs etc and a ton more.

The main thing is to be diligence, and I would suggest a daily review of your account and make changes accordingly.

I look at every account every day, but I may not make a change because one is not warranted. The data, the ROI the Conversions make the decisions as to what needs to be changed,

Hope that helps

Re: Campaign Optimisation

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Hi Uzair,

Further to Eric's reply, I would just caution not to make too many changes, too often.  Any changes you make should be based upon significant data and unless you give each change you make time to have an effect you could end up going round in circles.

Although I check each of my client Accounts every day, I try to only make changes on a specific day of the week (unless there's an obvious huge problem) so that each change has 7 days running.  If you're managing just one Account you might choose to make changes only to one Campaign each day - and you could use Labels to identify them.


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