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Campaign Management

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We have a window cleaning business that offers several services (gutters, screens, etc.)  We also have a specific city that we would like to target.  Should I build my campaigns based on services offered?  Or location? Or both?  At one point I had a campaign for each city I wanted to do business in - and tied ads to the cities, that didn't work out so well. 

I just used the keyword planner and downloaded the results.  It created a campaign with 7 ad groups - all very similar in nature (ads like. - window cleaner, window cleaners). 

So confused and have toasted a bunch of money trying to figure it our.  Please help!



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Re: Campaign Management

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Hi Theresea,

Welcome to the Adwords CommunitySmiley Happy

Yes, You should to create a seperate campaigns based on the services as well City.
e.g create
gutter service campaign for City-1
gutter service campaign for City-2

that will help to better optimization and account management.

You can also follow the below link where you will find the account Structuring Tips:-
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Campaign Management

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Hi Theresea M,
Welcome !

Why should you bother to create separate campaigns for each of your target locations,when location based bid adjustment is possible in Enhanced Campaign. In your case i would like to create a single campaign by targeting all the cities.Within this campaign i like to create theme-based ad group Like
Adgroup1 : Window Cleaner
Adgroup2: Gutters etc.

If you have multiple cities to target & if you create separate campaigns for them then it will be tuff for you to manage those campaigns together.

Re: Campaign Management

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Hi Theresea M,


As others have suggested, I would create Campaigns based on your services for example:


  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Screen Cleaning

For each Campaign I would add AdGroups for generic terms. You can then use the location targeting to narrow your audience and to increase your bids for really targeted areas.


For example, if you only want to provide Gutter Cleaning services in London, you would set London as your targeted location for the Gutter Cleaning Campaign, excluding all other locations.


I would also add AdGroups with the target location keywords (e.g. "window cleaner in hertfordshire"), as you can then adjust bids for those specific searches.


If you were targeting by county locations, but one is more local than the other two, you could adjust your bids as follows:


  • Hertfordshire +20%
  • Bedfordshire +0%
  • Buckinghamshire +5%

You can do this on the Locations sub-tab of the settings for the selected campaign.


Hope this helps!