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Campaign Live but Error in Validating Products-PLA

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24 Hours back I linked my merchant center account with google adwords account and have launched product listing ads(PLA)


Have used adwords_labels attribute in merchant center feeds and have put some values in it based on classification of our products.


Have mapped those values in feeds with adwords_labels in Google adwords account


But when I click on Validate button in adwords to see if the mapping of products in merchant centre feeds is done properly, I get error message as "This target does not match any products in your Google Merchant Center feed".


I am not sure what may be the reason of this. And still  more confusing is that my this PLA campaign has started showing impressions and have even got a few clicks.



Can somebody suggest, why I am unable to validate despite the fact that campaign has start running successfully??


Re: Campaign Live but Error in Validating Products-PLA

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Scott L,

If your PLA campaign is running, then you must have probably set up an auto target like "All Products" or one matching like an attribute like "id" or "brand."

Look at your Auto Targets tab in your AdWords account to see which one you've set up.

When you set up Auto Targets, you're just telling the system which feed attributes you want the system to use when matching your products to user queries. "All products" is an easy auto target, because it allows the system to use all the attributes in your feed to match what the user is looking for (i.e. brand, condition, etc.). If you set a more specific auto target, it's only going to look to that attribute to see if it matches what the user wants.

If you set up an AdWords label attribute and you're having trouble validating, make sure that what you're entering matches EXACTLY to what you've entered in the feed for that attribute. (Ex: if you put the AdWords label as "blue hats," make sure that's what you're typing in for the auto target in the account).

Hope that helps!