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Campaign Budget

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Hello All, 


I have a current account where I am being told that "The ad cannot be shown due to the budget limit" For example, my current cost is at $70.00 and my budget is $150.00. How is that not enough budget for any of my ads to show. When all of the keyword bids are below $15.00 I am confused because this has never happened to me or to any of my accounts

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Re: Campaign Budget

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Hi Angie.
If your budget is set at $150, this means that Google will "spread that out" over the day (not exactly even but for the sake of this lets just assume).

So far, you've got almost 50% through your budget. Google thinks that it needs to save more of your budget for a busier part of the day that's coming. That's it SUPER simplified.

This only happens when your campaigns are set to "Standard Delivery". You can switch to accelerated delivery if you want to use up your budget as soon as possible. More details are here This sounds like what you want to do.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Re: Campaign Budget

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Hi Angie,

Welcome to the Adwords Community!

I appreciate Dave_Davis answer. Actually Google assume that in whole day your set budget might be utilized and results will you have missed potential clicks and impressions at the end of few hour of the day. So, Google suggest as increase your daily budget as the same.
If you have increase your daily budget as per Google suggested then definitely doesn't show "Budget limit" message.

Hope it will help! Smiley Happy