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Call only Campaign

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I would like to know about the quality score in call only campaigns.

How can we improve the quality score of our keywords in call only campaigns.

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Mohsin Khan

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December 2015

Re: Call only Campaign

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Sine Call Only Campaigns do not have Landing pages, then the Factors of QS boil down to Ad Relevance /CTR in relations to:

1) Keyword and Ad Relevancy.
2) Click through Rate
3) Bid
4) Available extensions ( helps with real estate for CTR- if they do show on a Call only Campaign?)

Each keyword will have a predetermined QS from Google History ( match types might increase or Decrease that historical QS). After the keyword is in play for a bit, the relative factors of QS come into play based.

The things you can control, are keyword and Ad relevancy. To make sure the keyword and the ad have an Above average when viewing the Ad preview Keyword Diagnosis Bubble.

CTR ( click through rate) and Bid usually have the most effect on QS. Google's historical determination for the keyword quality score are set for each ad position. If your keyword based on Ad, Bid, has a better CTR performance then the historical determination your QS goes up, if your results of CTR are lower ( based on the average position) then the QS goes down.

So work on the Ad Relevancy, Check your Match types, Review your average positions and CTR's. Play with the Bids, increasing or decreasing depending on Ad position ( call only needs to be in top 1-3 to even show the call function) The sweet spot lies in the 1.5 to 2.3 ave position,.

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