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Call Only Broad Match Keyword Bid & Ad Rank

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In my Call Only campaign, I added a Broad Match Keyword (3 words). AdWords suggested me first page bid price as $2. I've bid for $4, still it says "Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Ads are ranked based on your bid and Quality Score." My Quality Score is 6/10.


1) My Ad description line 1 & 2 both contain my keyword (3 words)

2) I've bid double than what AdWords suggested for 1st page


This was not used to happen prior SERP layout change.


If I increase bid to $10 or more it shows my ad is running.


Question: Is that happening because I am using broad match modifier?

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April 2016

Re: Call Only Broad Match Keyword Bid & Ad Rank

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Hello Ahmed,

In my opinion I would say that due to having a "Call Only Campaign" it would be more ideal for you to use "Exact Match or Phrase Match" keywords.

This is simply because, with broad match&broad match modifiers, the person could type in anything in the search bar, and if your keyword is related, your ad will show. With a "Call Only Campaign" it doesn't allow the person searching to see your website when they click on the Ad, they only have the option to call your business, therefore they are going to want some knowledge of who they are calling and what you offer, prior to making that call. Therefore using Exact or Phrase Match will show your ad to people who are searching for exactly what you can offer them, and then won't need a website to find this out.

This is a good article to read in reference to Call Only Campaigns, it goes into depth on how to optimize these ads, and that there are many things that need to be
considered when trying to get the optimum amount of conversions:

Keep testing different things - CPC's, different keywords(use your search terms report to find out what people are searching for, and negative out anything you
don't offer, but your ad's are showing)

Hope this helps :-)

Re: Call Only Broad Match Keyword Bid & Ad Rank

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Thanks a bunch.

The suggestions make sense.