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CPC effect on ad exposure

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So hello,


I'll start saying that I'm an adwords user, and also an adsense user.


In my websites I see ads with words like: "robots", "facebook games" and more stuff like that. So suppose that the words in the ads are the kewords in the campaign, I go to the keyword tool and search for words like this, and I see that the CPC is like $0,13 and up, never the less when I check my adsense clicks it bearly passes the $0,01 per click, and I know there are some fat ads there.


So following this line of ideas, I want to create a new bussines in a "middle competition" keyword, where the CPC according to the keyword tool is $2,00. but I configured it to be $0,01 as the limit offer. this is because I'm starting with this (small bussines) and I dont want all the money in the account blown up in a few hours with absolutely no conversions.


The question is: is it really bad if I set the limit offer at $0,01? are my ads going to show up at all?


thanks Smiley Happy

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Hi Ricardo,   >> So suppose that the words in the ads are...

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Hi Ricardo,


>> So suppose that the words in the ads are the kewords in the campaign <<


That's the wrong conclusion. The mere fact that you see ads with words like: "robots", or "facebook games" does not imply that "robots", and "facebook games" are keywords in the campaign. Actually, they may or may not be listed as keywords. Even though it's often beneficial to have the keyword in the ad, it does not create an obligation effective the other way around. An additional note is that e.g. the Search Query facebook games may well match the broad match keyword games and show the ad copy to users.


The rest of your question seems to relate to AdSense which is off topic in this community. Please kindly re-post that part in their own forum linked-to below.


AdSense Forum!forum/adsense




Re: CPC effect on ad exposure

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Hi Ricardo,


Sounds to me like you are driving traffic to your site to click on AdSense ads. You'll need additional content on the site besides search results and ads or you will probably be disapproved. You're probably already aware of this.


First a question: AdSense for Search or AdSense for Content? Or both?


Ok, you develop your content for the topic you wish to cover. The content is unique and of high quality and optimised for your keywords. That all sounds ok. Bid $0.01 for a keyword with an estimate of $2.00 and you will likely get no impressions.


The way other people do this is by bidding on inexpensive keywords to bring in traffic, then see if you can get a click for the more expensive keywords.


AdSense shares an undisclosed percentage of the revenue from your site. There's no way to calculate what Google took by looking at what the paid you, at least not as far as I know.


Best of Luck to you!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Hi Ricardo, &nbsp; >> So suppose that the words in the ads are...

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oh no this is not an adsense question, what I'm trying to say, is if I set a CPC limit of $0,01 in my adowrds campaign how will this affect to the ad exposure?


I have both adsense and adwords accounts approved and running... just playing around with the settings Smiley Happy



Re: CPC effect on ad exposure

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" Bid $0.01 for a keyword with an estimate of $2.00 and you will likely get no impressions."

that is what I wanted to know! thanks, now, suppose I have a $300 budget, and then all clicks are of $2, it will be over in like one day (I know because it has happened to me) the conversion rate is 2% and the ROI is %-30 meaning I'm in red numbers Smiley Sad what's the use of so expensive advertising, and where is the SMEs oriented prices? Smiley Sad I guess I need to increase the price of my products.