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CPC Or CPA for a eCommerce beginner ?

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This is moosa, i'm working for a company in india which basically deals in women ethnic apparel. so as a beginner where should i focus first like on which strategy should i place my bids first for example whether should i bid on CPC or CPA, as i'm mainly focusing on to drive traffic on website and to generate sale, If i go with CPC I might generate good traffic but will that bring good ROI to me? And, if i go with CPA it may take too much time and less conversation which i might be willing to achieve?  so what do you suggest me and please let me know if there's any tool or a website through which i can get ideas or can monitor my competitor to get ideas to put my money on right place.

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Re: CPC Or CPA for a eCommerce beginner ?

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Initially I would start with CPC, because you want to give the system history before turning on a smart bidding strategy. For ecommerce, where I assume you have multiple products of different value with different profit margin, I would suggest Target ROAS. You need 50 conversions within 30 days before turning it on.


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