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CPA Bidding Questions

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I turned on a campaign into CPA bidding. Before that, I set made some Bid Adjust for many countries that are target. Example: increase Bidding +25% for Italy.


The question is if the CPA bidding will consider this Bid Adj for Italy.





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September 2015

Re: CPA Bidding Questions

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Hi Isadora

No, the bid adjustments won't work with CPA bidding as it works on historical data as well as on real time basis.

Please read the link below for more info:-

"Because target CPA helps to optimize your bids based on real-time data, your existing bid adjustments are not used. There is one exception: You can still set mobile bid adjustments of -100%. Note that you don’t need to remove bid adjustments—they just won’t be used."


Re: CPA Bidding Questions

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Thanks Dude!!