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Building a remarketing audience using "visitors of a page"

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I am successfully using tags to build an audience, this I did last year. Yesterday I noticed there's a way to target "visitors of a page", which presumably uses existing analytics code rather than having to insert tags? Do I have to use the doubleclick code from analytics to build the audience or is that only for when building an audience from analytics back into adwords?


Yesterday, I have created ten new audiences in Adwords using the "visitors of a page" feature, one of which now has a number in the list column.... ie, there are cookies associated with this audience. But for the other nine, there are no people/cookies in the list... these nine are for URLs of a subdomain... using the same tracking code as the main domain and I have analytics set to record subdomains. 


So I'm wondering, is the one that's building an audience something to do with tags from last year (even though the audience is purely based on a URL?) Do I need to change the GA code to the doubleclick version?

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Re: Building a remarketing audience using "visitors of a page&quo

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Hi Philip,


Happy Friday to you Smiley Happy


So you are correct that when you begin to pull the information for Google Analytics, a line of code will need to be altered to properly utilize remarketing via the link that you provided in your query. In doing so, you do not need to add in additional tags from AdWords, but instead this information will cleanly be recorded with that initial Analytics code.


Analytics allows you to remarket in the following ways:


  • Visitors who’ve never converted (Revenue (Visitor Based) < 1; goal name GoalN Completions (Visitor Based) < 1)
  • Visitors who spent over/under $N (Revenue (Visitor Based) < or > N)
  • Visitors who’ve visited at least N times (Count of Visits > N)
  • Visitors who first came via an ad, then subsequently via search (Step 1: Medium = cpc; Any time after Step 1: Medium = organic)
  • Visitors who completed a specific goal (goal name GoalN Completions (Visitor Based) > 0)
  • Visitors who completed a goal within the last N days (Days Since Last Goal Completion (Visitor Based) < N+1)
  • Visitors who’ve visited at least once in the last N days (Days Since Last Visit < N+1 AND Count of Visits > 0)
  • Visitors who viewed a section of your site more than once in past N days (Count of Visits > 1 AND Page Containing string AND Days Since Last Visit < N+1)

On the specifics as to why you are seeing data populate for one of your Audiences, this definitely can be pulling from an old tag you had set up. Any of our representatives would be more than happy to take a look at your account specifics if you give us a call at 1-866-2GOOGLE (9am-8pm EST/6am-5pm PST). 


Hope this helps!


Let me know if you have any further questions and I would be happy to assist--have a great weekend!