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Broad search modifier

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Hi Everyone,


I'm working for a bags and luggage factory in China. I'm preparing my first campaign and I need your opinion Smiley Happy


Here is the list of relevent keywords for my business and so for my ads.


My keywords


I think I have found a good way to cover most of the keywords combination possibilities by using the following search match :

For example.

+bags +china


This is where I need your help of expert. Would it be correct to say that my ads will be shown for search like :

1.bags china

2.china bag bags china bags manufacturer in china

5.china cheap trolley bag manufacturer


Then, if my thinking is correct, I will create others ad group for case, luggage and backpack...and add tons of negative key words! 


So, what do you think about this keywords tactics?


In terms of biding, I will be in competition with companies which have only make a bid on these 2 keywords as well right? In fact, I don't understand why Google is proposing 4 differents matching search (broad / broad modifier / phrase / exact) but we can only simulate 3 of them with traffic estimator tool. The system refuse to simulate with broad modfier key words Smiley Frustrated . In fact we can simulate but only after the 1st campaign is done!

Do you know why? Have you found a way to simulate the broad modifier campaign result without making a real one at first?


Thanks a lot for your kind help and reply.




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Re: Broad search modifier

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Good afternoon, Alexandre - 


Let me offer some ideas.


First, I would not personally search for one keyword likely to match the widest variety of search terms. That strategy will not provide a good user experience.  You would be much better off to split out your keywords by major themes, group those themes into Ad Groups, and write ads specifically targeted to those searchers.


You can create Ad Groups around such themes as "wheeled backpack" and "computer backpack" and include in those Ad Groups, very similar keywords. (For instance, in the first one, I would also include "backpack on wheels" and "backpack with wheels" and "rolling backpack" as keyword options. Just as an example.) Similarly, people searching for hard-side luggage should be shown ads specific to that product--they should not be shown ads that talk about both hard & soft pieces of luggage.


Even the phrase "travel bag" might cause problems. You say you plan to add negative keywords, which is good, because this phrase is going to get searches for "pet travel bag" or "animal travel bag" or "cosmetic travel bag" or "iPad travel bag" and those are probably not good searches for your purpose. This means that match type will be important. Using broad match, or even modified broad match, with such generic phrases is going to get you a large amount of irrelevant (for your needs) traffic.


If you are planning to advertise outside of China, in some other country, make sure your translations and keywords are appropriate. Your examples are not, I think, the best keywords if you want to advertise in the U.K. or Canada or the US. In the US, the word "bag" or "bags," for instance, is used a lot to mean a handbag (purse), and the word "suitcase" is used, or the word "luggage," to describe travel bags of the kind you're talking about.


I hope some of that helps!

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Re: Broad search modifier

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Hello Theresa,


Thanks so much for your time and for your help.


I will consider your advice carefully.


Have a nice day.