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Broad match mapping the old product name.

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We have a product , lets say by name "B" Currently, this product was named ";A" before. This keyword "B" is now used as a broad match keyword and it still attracts search queries of "A" . Can anybody provide me with a link that explains whythis happens . I am aware that the close variants are mapped under broad keywords but is there any other explaination at all?

Re: Broad match mapping the old product name.

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Hi Ashiya

To my knowledge there is no other explanation than the one you already mentioned. If A is similar to B and you have set B with the broad match type, then B will also attract searches with the keyword A. For more control over the keyword B use the broad match modifier ('+' in front of the keyword), and/or phrase match and/or exact match. You also could use A as a negative word in the adgroup/campaign for the keyword B.

A nice explanation about broad match is to be found here:


Negative keywords:


Keyword options over all: