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Broad Match vs. Modified Broad - Best Practice?

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I'm sure most folks in this forum are well aware that Google has recently assigned ad reps to most accounts -- a sales contact and a technical account advisor.


Anyhoo... In a conversation with our technical advisor, I was recently told that plain broad match was the best practice for improving QS and CTR.


So, I have a bunch of SKAGs like (for example):

+Custom +Software +Development


And she suggested converting to broad match as the "best practice."


She's a google rep.




Does this seem strange to anyone?


What am I missing?!


Is this just Google trying to make more $$ off me????


Or is this rep's advice actually practical?


I can so easily envision what the google search engine might accept:


Custom Software Development = Developing the Special Technology Architecture in Mumbai ( = yuck, way too far off the mark!!!)









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Broad Match vs. Modified Broad - Best Practice?

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Hi Evan R,

My personal view is if you use broad match rather than BMM, you'll need to develop a much more extensive negative keyword list, and you'll need to do that daily. On the other hand, broad match can be good for identifying new keywords that will perform well.

A strategy that may work for you is bid lowest on broad match, a little more for BMM, a little more for phrase match, and highest for exact match. Another strategy might be to create a different campaign for broad match so you can limit your budget and not spend it all on broad match terms.

Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Broad Match vs. Modified Broad - Best Practice?

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I absolutely LOVE broad match.  But, Pete is right that you have to stay on top of your negative keyword list.  I also add/test other match types of the same phrase.