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Broad Match Modified on a Phrase Match?

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An agency was managing my account initially, but after less than significant results I'm managing it personally now.


Now that i'm looking into our keywords, I see some with a broad match modifier AND a phrase match on the same keyword. For example: +xyz" 

Also note that the " is only in the end, not in the beginning. My questions:


1) Was this a typo, or using both on the same word means something other than either a modified broad match OR a phrase match? Is there like a hybrid of two or something?


2) Weird observation: When I remove the ", and just have the broad match modifier on there, the quality socre drops from 8 to 6!! Any ideas why?


3) Coz of the higher quality score, I want to let it stay as it is - so in case it doesnt mean anything other than a broad match or a phrase match, will it affect the triggering of ads by this keyword? 


Thanks for all your help people!

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Re: Broad Match Modified on a Phrase Match?

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Hi Altamash,

1) I think there is a typo error. There is no such concept of hybrid keyword match types.

2) Removing the " makes it a new keyword and maybe as per Google, based on this new keyword past performance, this keyword deserves a quality score of 6

3) Since the system will consider this keywords as broad match modifier, the " will be considered as a character which is part of keyword. I think this will not have much affect in triggering the ad because only the word x play a major role in triggering the ads.


Re: Broad Match Modified on a Phrase Match?

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Hi Altamash,

Google says they ignore all non-alphanumeric characters when matching up keywords. There is essentially no difference between +xyz and +xyz", except that the latter has history withing your account. When adding +xyz, the performance of that new keyword across all accounts is also considered. It's likely the QS for +xyz would improve after running for a while, but it will compete with +xyz" for impressions.

I would leave +xyz" in place and add +xyz. Let them both run for a while. See if you get impressions for both. If you do, run a search terms report on each and see what the difference is.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords