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Broad Keywords

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How often do you use broad keywords when setting up a campaign?


I'm working on a campaign right now were we are spending $500 / day... I have about 130 ad groups with phrase / exact & modified  broad keywords.


This customer is looking to spend as much as $10,000 per day!   


Right now we have a great ROI..I'm afraid that if i begin using broad match keywords that ROI will decline.. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Broad Keywords

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Hi swoodby,


Since modified broad became available I rarely use broad match keywords. The question is will the broad match bring you a positive ROI. That's a tough question to answer without actually testing.


Increasing your spend from $500 to $10,000 a day without affecting your ROI negatively is a tough assignment. To meet your budget goals, Google will show your add much more often and not necessarily to the best audience.


I'm curious, what's the daily budget now? Are you spending all of it on most days?


One approach you might take would be to create a new campaign for the broad match so you can control/limit the budget. Then run a Search Terms report frequently to find other profitable keywords, then add those to the phrase/exact/BMM campaign. This could mean you need to add all your exact/phrase keyowrds to this group as negatives. Using a lower bid for broad match will help assure the more restrictive match types will get the impression. This will help you build up your keywords for the more restrictive match types and should help you get more impressions, clicks and conversions.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Broad Keywords

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Hi swoodby,


I'd go along the lines that Pete suggested of having a separate campaign for your broad match, use your phrase and exact keywords as negatives and setting lower bids.


You would need to run regular search query reports to add new negatives to help increase CTR and performance.


As Pete already said, such a big budget increase rarely comes with the same ROI so I'd receommend you make this a process over time and don't just increase it overnight. Slow and steady wins the race.


You'll need to think more carefully about your account structure as well. With a large budget smaller %'s of difference can make big revenue changes.


I've set up campaigns by location as some states had better conversion rates. This way I was able to manage separate bidding strategies for these campaigns.


Whichever way you set it up, make sure it's scalable. I've set up large accounts before and had to re-re-review them before I was happy with the structure so be careful and plan it. It could save you a lot of time in the future.

Re: Broad Keywords

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If your client is up to the challenge, bring it on!  What channel are you targeting? If you have not introduced your products or services in the mobile world yet, then it is about time to experiment, if this is a juicy avenue.

If you are not confident with the quality of traffic of the broad keywords, review your best performing keywords then and check for closest variations.

Align your goal with the demands of your market. With 130 adgroups sharing your daily budget, check the report which of those keywords missed potential exposure due to lost budget or ranking? With your additional budget, you can make necessary enhancement.

If you are in a competitive market, position your brand by identifying what sets you apart from the competition.

Stick to that value proposition and let your ads speak of that to your audience. Write additional non-generic ads, After all duplication is arguably a good technique to master.

What are the best practices that work on your existing campaign when it comes to keyword matching? If you have high ROI on phrase and exact match keywords, re write by interchanging the word order, this is a simple tip that makes wonder based on my experiences, rather than pushing the clicks by broad keywords.

At the end of the day, evaluate the result, which of your initiatives increase the success rate, which is just even, which is not  beneficial at all!






More Power,

Re: Broad Keywords

Google Employee
# 5
Google Employee

The Search Terms report could really help you out here if you are thinking of testing our Broad match with your keywords. This report will show the exact terms that people typed into Google when they saw your ad and when they clicked on it, so you can see which terms are useful and which aren't. You can then add the less useful terms as negagive keywords. 


Hoep this helps!



Re: Broad Keywords

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Since the addition of the BMM option I rarely use Broad match any more either...


That said I tend to use BMM mcuh more than I thought I would - it seems to be a great option for getting the related traffic without wandering too far from the core.


And then , as others have said - monitoring the actual search terms.


The danger here is the client who sees the returns on the $500 and then says-  well, it's a number s game - spend $10,00 a day and get me the same results - as others have pointed out - it doesn't really work like that. The danger is that if you feel (and the client is pressuring) you need to spend the whole $10,000 you end up simply widening the net - there's no way that you can expect to get the same results as you will inevitably move further from your core keywords - the ones that generate the best returns.


To widen you'll need to move slowly AND you'll need to develop specific landing pages for the new keyword/ad groups that get developed along the way.


But I wish all my problems were like yours!