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Branded keyword match type impression expectations

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So I've seen that a good practice with branded keywords is to have them in separate groups/campaigns and then add the close exact/phrase match as negatives. 


Campaign Exact:

[Cool Stuff]


Campaign Phrase:

"Cool Stuff"

Negative: [Cool Stuff]


Campaign BMM


Negative: "Cool Stuff"


If set up this way, it would be plausible for BMM to have the least amount of impressions, right? Obviously each situation is different  but just thinking most people will be typing in the branded term in the phrase or exact match (especially if exact isn't so exact anymore)

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Branded keyword match type impression expectations

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@Colin L;

In this strategy you separate keywords by match types in different ad groups, not in different campaigns.

If set properly,  and you bid the highest on exact and the lowest on board, then  the broad match keywords will be attributed only to residual traffic (Users who might or might not convert  but you want them to visit the site)

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Branded keyword match type impression expectations

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Keep in mind that this strategy requires a whole lot of maintenance.  As you are adding new keywords to test, you have to think go back through and add all of your ad group level negatives.  I find that it can get very, very messy.  You also have to consistently check your search query reports to ensure the ads are properly triggering.  


I try to keep my ad groups tightly configured, but more structured around "topics" so that the ad copy is closely aligned to the ad group keywords.


**Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, and I've seen many people who prefer the strategy you are talking about.