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Brand new account (never ran a campaign) permanently suspended without any warning/notification

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this is frustrating.


To make it short, I think I already know what could have caused the suspension:


I have openened a new account for a new webshop of mine and at the time I activated the account, its URL was in the process of being moved to a new nameserver and a former URL forwarding to another site was being removed. 


The URL forwarding is not active anymore but I can't contact googleads via phone because I am suspended and no one answers my emails.


I understand that this was an oversight and my own fault, I should have just waited for the URL forwarding to be 100% removed.


On the other hand, I have never run any campaign on the new account yet and was not planning on until all is set.


Any idea if they will give me back my account after checking again that all is fine now?


Or do you think the reason could be anything else?


I'm clueless, I have had adword campaigns running for years for other sites, never ever had any issue.



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Re: Brand new account (never ran a campaign) permanently suspended without any warning/notification

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Hi Setebos


I think you would find it useful to review the URL policies- Destination URL and Display URL,

At the bottom of these policies it does say that they may not accept advertising from you if you have been suspended, but there is a link to contact them at the bottom of the page via email so you can try to get to get the issue resolved. Also please see understanding account suspension, as there are 'contact us' links at the bottom of the page depending on the violation that has caused the suspension. I can't imagine that moving forward they would want to keep your account suspended, if the issue is now resolved. But I think it would also be useful for you to check your site in accordance with AdWords policies before sending an email just to make sure that there are no other issues that could cause problems. Ultimately only Google can decide if the suspension can be lifted.


I hope you get the issue sorted, I wish you the best of luck :-)


Best regards

Re: New account susspended

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Hello Stetebos;


Hel_ipe referred you to an excellent reading material, that you should read, to get yourself familiar with AdWords policy. (Essential for advertisers!)

I can suspect number of reasons to your suspension: Could you give some more info:

  • You said "I have never run any campaign on the new account". Does that mean that you were advertising your business on two ACTIVE AdWords accounts simultaneously?
  • If your destination URL is invalid your ad will NOT be approved. However, the account is NOT suspended. What is the URL you are trying to advertise?
  • Has that URL been banned in the past ?




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Re: New account susspended

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I'm wondering basically the same thing about my Google Adwords Account.....I had a lady that was working for me who was running all of my advertising campaigns. She was let go a while back and it seems set up multiple accounts with my domain name. I just started trying to use Google Adwords to do some advertising.  I went on Google and saw in a big red block at the top of the page that my site was suspended.  Is this the same as being banned?  Is it for life?  I'm not sure what to do as I didn't give the girl permission to set up multiple accounts and ruin my name!  I want to be a PAYING customer!  Is this hopeless?