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Book sales!

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I am an author of three novels. How can AdWords help in getting my books noticed?


Vic Mills

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Re: Book sales!

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Hi Vic and welcome to the forum.  To be honest, books are truly tough to advertise with a direct profit.  Your approach is going to be mostly about "brand awareness" rather than providing sales.  Let's look at an example: If I sell watches I can advertise my products on the search network based upon Keywords "oris", "omega", etc.  With well chosen Keywords I know I can show my Ads to people who are actually looking to buy a watch of that brand/type.  If the Ad is well written and the click lands on a good page which shows the product they want and the price is right and so on, sales will come.


Books are much, much tougher because unless you're a well-known author where people might search by your pen name (I'm sorry, I don't know if you are the "Vic Mills" I found on Amazon) you're targeting an audience that probably isn't actually seeking to buy your book.  You can't use Keywords like "thriller" or "romance" or "crime novel" because you'll just be one of millions of results.  In short, people aren't looking for your book.  So, how do you get it noticed (and yes, I know this was your original question).


"Brand awareness" is a form of advertising that is usually (but not always) consider a "loss leader".  This sort of advertising is all about "getting a name out there" and lots of other terrible buzz words.  For books though it's usually the most effective method because what you're doing is showing a nice attractive Ad to people who aren't looking for your book but might be interested in it.  Another example: Let's say your book is about cycling - I dunno, you have a serial killer that cycles everywhere.  You could place Ads - and they need to be good looking, almost certainly image Ads - on sites where cyclists hang out.  The visitors go there to talk bikes but they see your Ad and (hopefully) think "Hey, I'll check that out!".


You're probably thinking "Yes, but my book would appeal to anyone, not just cyclists..." but that's the key here.  Advertising this sort of product is mostly about getting that snowball rolling.  Once the book becomes popular it'll become easier to sell and easier to advertise so in the initial stages it's mostly about picking the best and easiest targets to get things going.


I will say once more though that the Ads themselves, and where they're placed, are going to be crucial to the success of such a Campaign.


Oh, and one final point, I'd recommend editing your post to remove your email address.   This is a public forum and you're likely to be opening yourself up to a whole world of spam...



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