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Blog or website, which is good for Adwords Search Ads?

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I have blog for which i am running an ad through google adwords. But the issue is all the ads are coming on second positions, alway a website getting first position, despite having good budget, good quality score keywords, good CTR and low Avg CPC.


I want to know that Google gave more preference to the website rather than blogs ?


Please help me in resolving this issue, as my client want the ads on top.




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Re: Blog or website, which is good for Adwords Search Ads?

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@Gagan S


There is no preference given to "blogs over websites."  Top position goes to the advertiser with the highest AdRank in any given auction. 

AdRank = (Max CPC) x (Quality Score)


If you feel you've done everything you can on the QS side of the equation, you only option is to raise your bid.  I would like to point out that top position isn't always necessarily the best one. I understand it can make a client "feel good" to see their ad at the very top, but what they should really care about are the end results and the ROI they get from those results.


When a client gets focused on something that I consider trivial, it's my job to help them get focused on what actually matters.

Re: Blog or website, which is good for Adwords Search Ads?

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Agreed with David, ROI matters. Even you may have it more(by paying less for each click), if you try 3rd position by slightly lowering the bid.

But if your aim to outrank that 1st position competitor than either bid a bit higher than what suggested as 1st position bid or try flexible bidding- target outrank share. Try experiments with these and analyse if it improves ROI.

Also don't forget to add ad-extensions which are one of the factors effecting adrank.

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