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Bid Adjustment & where it can be used

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Hello Friends


Why Bid Adjustment is important

Here are my points:

  1. You can increase bid adjustment during peak hours or if there is a high probability of getting relevant customers.
  2. Not only increase, you have full authority to decrease your bids when you don't get enough conversions.
  3. Use a combination of Location & device bid adjustment together in order to reach maximum number of visitors.
  4. With Bid Adjustment you can opt out of certain devices by decreasing your bids to 100%.

Once you create a campaign, you have an option of increasing and decreasing your bid as per your requirement.

By doing so, you can make your ad more visible to your potential customers


You can set bid strategy in the following cases


  • Device Bid Adjustment
  • Location Bid Adjustment
  • Ad-Scheduling Bid Adjustment
  • Targeting Method (Display Network)
  • RLSA i.e Remarketing List For Search Ads



Range -90% to +900%

Where it can be used - At campaign Level & Ad-Group Level **

If you don't want your ad to be appeared on certain device - Decrease your bid by 100% for the particular device

When to Use -

1. If your landing page is not mobile friendly at all, decrease your mobile bid adjustment by 100%.

2. Suppose you've received 100 conversions since you started a campaign, and 80% of them are from computer devices, and rest from Tablets & Mobiles. In order to target more customers, you can increase your computer bid adjustment

Mobile Bid Adjustment -

Range -90% to +300%

To opt out of mobile devices - Decrease your bid by 100%


Location Bid Adjustment

Range -90% to +900%

Where it can be used - At campaign Level Only


AD-Scheduling Bid Adjustment

Range -90% to 900%

Where it can be applied At campaign level only


When To use  Segment your data by day, week, month or day of the week and and analyse at what time you are getting maximum number of conversions and if you are not getting conversions at particular period of time, you can stop showing your ads for that period only.  Suppose you're getting maximum number of conversions between 12 noon and 5 P.M you can raise your bids upto 900% 


Targeting Methods -

Range -90% to 900%

Where it can be used - At Ad-group level Only

Only For Display Network

You can set your bid adjustment  for topics, placements & other targeting methods in display network


RLSA-Remarketing List For Search Ads 

Range -90% to 900%

Where it can be used Ad-group level

Prerequisite List size should be minimum 1000 

NOTE make sure you're using ALL Features instead of Standard 

RLSA campaign can be used at the following places

1. Search N/w Only - All Features

2. Search N/w Only- Dynamic Search Ads


with RLSA campaign, you'll have 2 options one is Target & Bid and the other one is Bid Only

For Target & Bid Only, you want to target only those who've already visited to your website. Whereas Bid Only lets you target both new visitors as well as your past visitors. In bid Only you can raise your bid for those who've previously viewed your website.

For more information - Please visit --


Some points which you need to remember


1. Combined bid adjustment can't exceed 900% bid increase

For example

Your MAX CPC is $10

Your are using both location & device bid adjustment and your bid has been increased to 900% in both the cases. Here both the bids will not be added. Instead,  it will increase your bids to 900% Max

The maximum amount you can pay is $100  





2. If you set a device bid adjustment at campaign level and ad-group level for  the same device, the ad-group bid will over write your campaign bid so your ad-group level bid will come in to picture. 

  Exception: If you've set device bid adjustment  of -100% at campaign level, your ad group bid just can't be used.


3. For Target CPA & Target ROAS bid strategies, You can only use device bid adjustment of -100%. No other bid strategy will work here!


4. If your campaign is using an automated bid strategy( target CPA, top page bid, target RAOS, target outranking & Enhanced CPC) other than maximise clicks, it's not possible to set Ad scheduling Bid Adjustment.




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Bid Adjustment & where it can be used

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Great job, @hemant s.

Bid Adjustment & where it can be used

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Thanks Sir @Lakatos