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Best Account Campaign Organization Strategy

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I'm curious for you fellow seasoned Adwords Managers what you've found to work best for you as far as account organization.


Myself, there's three main differentiators that I segment by that I typically see as having the most significant potential difference in performance/cost:

- Product/Service Category

- Geographic location and/or Geographic Intent

- Exact Match versus Phrase/Broad Match


Currently I typically make my campaigns a combination of Geographic targeting and match type.  So I'll have campaigns that are User Location + Exact, User Location + Phrase/Broad, Location Intent + Exact, Location Intent + Phrase Match.


Then my ad groups will be focused around the product/service category.


The only thing that makes this challenging is that to see category performance, I essentially have to filter an ad group list for the entire account of keywords in the ad group name.  Which works fine.


I'm wondering if others have found other organizations strategies to work best for them?

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Re: Best Account Campaign Organization Strategy

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Hi @Jeff C I tend to always organise Campaigns by Product/Service and/or Geographical target.  To be honest, I can't see much benefit in splitting Campaigns by match type since there are no Campaign-level settings that affect or are affected by match type and in a large Account this could considerably increase complexity without (in my opinion) giving any real benefits.


So, I tend to split my Campaigns based upon campaign-level settings (or factors affected by those settings).  I split by geography because spend or scheduling (for example) could be affected by those aspects, I split by product/service because it's likely the customer will want to control spend on different aspects of their business (and basically because it's a good default method of splitting!).


At the end of the day though, I'd do whatever works for you.  I tend to try and keep things simple, so I'd rather not have different Campaigns promoting the same products (unless they're different Campaign types) but beyond that, I've no hard rules.

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